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Good Service

First of all, This is real deal, All goods are original quality from the manufacter factory outlet, About the price and other detail of all products, we provided online and email for you. Any request you can contact our customer service freely. We have good and fast shipping door to door service. Now we are trying our best to help you to get the top great designs and quality and low price first, shipping in time for sure. In addition, all brands goods pictures from us are the same as real products. If you have any enquiry please feel free to contact our customer service or chat with us online. We hope you enjoy yourself here.

Credit Standing

We specializes in original quality bags, shoes, clothes & accessories as the professional online store. We offer multiple brands new, first-class original luxury handbags and trying to give you a full range of designer goods in our website.

Shipping & Delivery

Once you place the order on our website and make payment for it, you would receive an order confirmation email immediately. If you don’t receive it, please contact us. You can also visit your Member Center to view detailed information about the state of the order.

We will ship the package in 3-5 business days. Once shipped out, an email will be sent to you within the next 48 hours showing that the order has been shipped and could be tracked with the tracking NO provided. Please allow 15 businese days for delivery.

Delivery is guaranteed. If the package is lost we will reship at our expense.

Returns & Replacements

We promise you will get a full refund if you do not receive what you paid, Please check our shipping & return page.

Payment Methods

1. Credit Card

A. We accept Visa and Master credit cards. Your credit card information will be securely submitted to and verified by Visa and Mastercard to ensure authorized usage.

B. Please make sure your billing information and shipping information is the same, or the payment will end into failure.

C. If your credit card payment fail, please contact the customer's service online. We will help you to pay with other payment methods.

D. As to the payment failure, if the failure remarks: System not avail. The buyer needs to go to card issuing company and consult the reason for failure. If it remarks Do not honor, it means the card issuing card feel there's risk in this visa deal and they refuse the deal. If this happens, the card holder can go the bank and show the card to the banker and prove you are the holder of the card so that you can require the bank authorize the deal. The buyer just need to reorder. If it remarks Declined, it means you input the weong card holder's name, card number, validity, cvv2, etc information. Under such occasion, you can reorder and input the right infomation, if it still declined, then the buyer needs to go to the bank and prove he is the crad holder

2. Western Union

Western Union is a very easy and quick way to send and receive. Pls go to www.westernunion.com and will learn more about the Western Union.

You will get a good discount in the Western Union payment.

We also have Zelle Pay, Wise Transfer and Remitly, Please contact with us for the info if you need it.

Enjoy your shopping with us!